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Zeldalandia - The Legend Of Zelda



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The Legend Of Zelda:
Battle Quest

Pelin tiedot
System: Nintendo Wii U
Julkasisuvuosi: 2013
Lajityyppi: Toimintaseikkailu
Pelimuoto: Yksinpeli / Moninpeli
Valmistaja: Nintendo

Kuvaus pelistä
The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest is one of the attractions available in the upcoming NintendoLand for the Wii U. The game features players' Miis dressed up in Link's tunics as they fight their way through different levels, and can be played in both single and multiplayer mode.

In Battle Quest, players work together to defeat the various enemies they encounter as they travel through a cloth version of a Zelda-themed world. The player who is holding the Wii U GamePad can act as the archer to shoot arrows at the foes while the other three players will be wielding the Wii Remote Plus controllers as swords. Although the swordsmen do most of the fighting, the archer provides backup and is necessary to move on through the level, such as by shooting two small shapes next to a door to unlock it. Because the swordsmen and the archer share hearts, they will have to assist and protect each other while defeating the oncoming enemies.

The archer moves the GamePad around to aim and fires an arrow by pulling back and releasing the right Control Stick. If the archer runs out of arrows, they can reload by holding the GamePad parallel to the ground. The left Control Stick in the GamePad is used to adjust the direction of the archer's screen.




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