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The Legend Of Zelda:
Majora’s Mask 3D

Heart Pieces





Clock Town -
On top of ledge of the Clock Tower in South Clock Town

Moon's Tear

Give the Business Deku Scrub at the base of the clock tower the Moon's Tear (found at the Observatory), and then use the launcher to reach the heart piece.


Clock Town -
Inside the Stock Pot Inn in East Clock Town during any night between 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM.

Paper (Title Deed or Letter)

Take the Title Deed given to you by the Business Deku Scrub at the base of the clock tower, and go into the inn (use the flower launcher to get on the roof to get in). Go downstairs when you go to the toilet, you'll see a mysterious hand sticking out asking for paper, give him the Land Deed and he'll reward you with a heart piece.


Clock Town -
On top of a tree in North Clock Town

Deku Mask

As normal Link, head into North Clock Town and climb the steep structure, then jump from small platform to platform and then across to the tree.


Clock Town -
The Swordmaster's Dojo In West Clock Town

Sword, Rupees

You will need a Perfect Score in the Expert Training as Link to get the Heart Piece, therefore you'll have to slash all of the logs with the jumping slash technique (Z-Targeting + A)


Clock Town -
The Rosa Sisters in West Clock Town

Kamaro's Mask

Obtain Kamaro's Mask in Termina Field, and return to West Clock Town during the first or second night and dance with the Rosa Sisters to earn a Piece of Heart.


Clock Town -
The Postman's Residence in West Clock Town on the first or second day, between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM

Bunny Hood (Optional)

Enter the Postman's residence to play a game where you must start and stop a timer at exactly 10 seconds. Wearing the Bunny Hood makes it easier by letting you see the timer the entire time instead of the timer disappearing partway through the minigame.


Clock Town -
The Deku Playground in North Clock Town

Deku Mask,

In North Clock Town, use the Flower Pad to launch into the fenced in area and drop down to find a Deku Playground. You'll need to win the game at least once each day to win the Piece of Heart.


Termina Field - Southwest Termina Field near Milk Road


Go near the entrance to Milk Road and find a patch of tall grass to the right of it. Look for some butterflies hovering over the grass to drop into a hidden hole. Defeat the Pea Hat inside to obtain this Heart Piece.


Clock Town -
A hole in the ground in North Termina Field

Bombs (Optional)

Drop down into a hole near the entrance to the Mountain Village and defeat the two Dondongos to get this Piece of Heart. It's right below one of the giant mushroom-shaped thing. If they are too tough to beat, consider using bombs.


Termina Field -
Astral Observatory, Southeastern Termina Field

Adult Wallet (100+ Rupees)

Use the telescope at the Astral Observatory, then turn left of the Clock Tower to watch the Business Deku Scrub hide in a hole near the observatory. Then go inside and will sell you a Piece of Heart for 150 rupees, deny this offer and then he'll lower the price to 100 rupees.Get it now or never!


Southern Swamp - Large Tree on the road to the Southern Swamp


Climb the tree guarded by bats near the entrance to the Southern Swamp to get the Heart Piece that is on top of it.


Southern Swamp - Deku Palace Entrance

Deku Mask,
Stone Mask (Optional)

In the Deku Palace. Follow the left maze and avoid the guards to find a heart piece.


Southern Swamp - Deku Palace, Swamp Tourist Center

Pictograph Box

Take a picture of the either Tingle or Deku King with the camera and then give it to the man in Swamp Tourist Shop. The Pictograph contest lasts until the swamp is purified, so this must be done BEFORE the swamp's water has been cleared from the poison.


Woodfall -
Entrance to Woodfall Temple

Deku Mask,
Woodfall Temple Cleared (Optional)

In Woodfall jump from platform to platform after reaching the owl statue, using the flowers while wearing the Deku Mask to reach a Golden Treasure Chest, open it to get this Piece Of Heart.


Southern Swamp - Southern Swamp Tourist Center

Land Title Deed

Get another Moon Tear and give it to the Business Deku Scrub in Clock Town. Take the land deed to the Southern Swamp and give it to the Deku in front of the first shack as Link. Then use the flower launcher to get this Heart Piece.


Southern Swamp - Southern Swamp Shooting Gallery

Hero's Bow,

Travel down the other path leading away from the Southern Swamp to find the shooting gallery. Get a perfect score with your bow to get the Piece of Heart.3DS Version Difference: In the 3DS version of the game, you will need to score over 2,180 points to get the Piece of Heart. This means shooting every single Deku Scrub, Crow, and Wolfos with at least 6 seconds to spare (2,120 for all tagets shot, +10 points per second left)


(For 64 Version)
Southern Swamp - Southern Swamp Tourist Center

Hero's Bow,
Koume rescued, Woodfall Temple Cleared, Rupees

Once you have rescued Koume from the jungle maze, cleared the Woodfall Temple, and returned to the Tourist Center, you can play a game with Koume to earn points. Earn enough to win the Piece of Heart.3DS Version Difference: In the 3DS version of this game, your prize will be an Empty Bottle instead of a Heart Piece.


(For 3DS Version)
Clock Town -
The Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town

Hero's Bow,

In the East Clock Town Shooting Gallery, obtain 50 points by hitting each target successfully to get a Piece of Heart.


Clock Town -
Honey & Darling's Minigame shop in East Clock Town

Hero's Bow,
Bomb Bag,

Enter Honey & Darling's mini game shop each day in East Clock Town and complete the different game on all three days to win the Piece of Heart.


Termina Field -
North, South, East, and West Termina Field

Goron Mask/Bombs, Sonata of Awakening/Goron's Lullaby/New Wave Bossa Nova

In Termina Field, there are four holes in the ground At the North, West, East, and South parts of the map. These holes lead you to a room with four of the Gossip Stones (the West hole is under a boulder). Drop down in each hole as Deku, Goron, or Zora Link and play their respective songs that opened their respective dungeons to change the color of each giant stone, use only one song with its respective mask as they all MUST have the same color.


Goron Village -
along the top ledge in the Goron Village

Deku Mask,
Swamp Title Deed

Repeat the steps to obtain both the Title Deed and Swamp Title Deed, and then take the Swamp Title Deed to the Business Deku Scrub in front of the Goron town as Deku Link. Use the launcher to get to the platform.


Ikana Canyon -
Ikana Graveyard during the second night

Captain's Hat,
Lens of Truth

On the second night, go to Ikana Graveyard and use the Captain's Hat to make the enemies open the grave. After going down you'll encounter lots of invisible enemies, use the lens of truth to be able to see them and the path. When you reach a cracked wall, use a bomb to break it and enter the area. Go through the door and encounter Iron Knuckle, he's a tough enemy so be careful. After defeating him a Golden Chest will appear, open it to get this Piece of Heart. 

3DS Version Difference - The following Piece of Heart is only available in the 3DS version, and will otherwise reward you with an empty bottle that is the reward for #17


Ikana Canyaon -
Ikana Graveyard during the final night

Captain's Hat

On the final night, travel to the Ikana Graveyard and speak with the Stalchildren circling a gravestone while you wear the Captain's Hat. Have them open the tomb and drop down. Inside, Have Dampe follow you around and dig up each mound of earth to find three blue flames. One of them is located on an upper floor, so lead Dampe to one of the sinking platforms that will raise him up, and quickly guide him to the last dirt piles. When all three blue flames are lit, a Big Poe will appear. Kill it with arrows and you will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart.


Clock Town -
The Treasure Chest Shop in East Clock Town

Goron Mask,

Play and complete the Treasure Chest Maze while wearing the Goron Mask for an increased amount of rupees. The prize will be the Piece of Heart.


Great Bay -
Zora Cape Waterfall

Zora Mask

Kill the Like Like at the bottom of the waterfall pool in the second area of Great Bay as Zora Link.


Great Bay -
Marine Research Lab


Feed the big fish in the Great Bay lab five smaller fish, eventually it will eat the other orange fish and give you this Piece of Heart after the cutscene is over. Damn nature, you scary.


Great Bay -
Pirate Fortress underwater entrance

Goron Mask/Bunny Hood

As you are infiltrating the Pirate Fortress, you will see the Piece of Heart in a cell. Use Goron Link to smash some barrels to find a switch (or roll into them), activate it then roll downstairs before the cell closes again, you can also wear the bunny hood to run down.


Great Bay -
Pirate's Fortress, Fisherman's Hut, Pinnacle Rock

Zora Mask,
Pictograph Box,
Stone Mask (Optional)

When you go through the Pirates' Fortress, take a picture of any Gerudo Pirate, it's easier to do so with the Stone Mask, as you are invisible to them. Give the picture to the fisherman back in the Great Bay Coast, and in exchange he will give you one of the seahorses in return. Go to Pinnacle Rock through two pillars that stick out of the water. Then release the seahorse to guide you through, when you reach the new area you'll find  several Deep Pythos. Kill them all to allow the seahorse reunite with its lover, and you'll get a Piece of Heart as a reward for your help.


Great Bay -
Zora Hall (Mikau and Tijo's Room, Japa's Room, Evan's Room)

Zora Mask,
Ocarina Great Bay Temple NOT Cleared

Inside the Zora Hall, use the hookshot to get to the second level in Zora Hall and go into Mikau's room. Read the song ideas in the diary and memorize the notes and then go to the Japa's room. Talk to him and pull out your guitar, he will play one part of the song then you will have to follow with the first set of notes Mikau wrote in his diary. Follow up with the second set after the Bassist plays another set of notes to form this set of notes  Y, Y, R, L, L, R, Y, L, X, X, Y, R, R, Y, X, R.  Finally go to the Evan's room (the piano player) and play these notes in your Hylian form (Normal Link). He'll steal your song and give you a Piece of Heart.


Great Bay -
Zora Hall (Lulu's Room)

Zora Mask,
Goron Mask,
Mountain Title Deed

In The Zora Hall, go to the last room and you'll see a Zora trying to look through the door, put on the Zora Mask to scare him off, afterwards enter the room and you'll see a Business Scrub, put on the Goron Mask and give him the Mountain Title Deed which you should have gotten after trading the Swamp Title Deed to the Business Deku Scrub in the Goron Vilalge. Use the Deku Flower to fly over the upper ledge so you can get this Piece of Heart.


Great Bay -
Zora Cape Waterfall (Top)

Zora Mask

At the waterfall along the shore of the Zora Cape, climb to the top using the hookshot to latch onto trees. In the cave at the top, beat the beaver brothers as Zora Link for either Rupees or a Bottle. Do so again in a harder challenge, and beat a time of 1:50 to get this Piece of Heart.


Great Bay -
Northeast Great Bay Coast

Great Bay Temple Cleared,
Bunny Hood (Optional)

After the Great Bay Temple is cleared, go to the right of Great Bay when facing the Laboratory to find a boat and a sign, get on the boat and hookshot to the little island where the fisherman is standing. Remember to take your time, this Mini-Game gives you enough time to score the 20 points you need, jump from platform to platform depending on which torch lights up, the bunny hood may make this easier.


Great Bay -
Northern Great Bay, near the Pirate's Fortress

Magic Bean,
Fresh Spring Water/Song of Storms,
Scarecrow's Song

Head up the coast of the Great Bay towards the Pirate Fortress and look for a hookshot target. Use that to reach some soft soil where you plant a magic bean, use your Ocarina and play the song of storms or use fresh spring water to make the plant grow. Use the plant to reach a spot where you use the Scarecrow Song and then hookshot to it to reach this Piece of Heart.


Great Bay -
Great Bay Skulltulla House

Hero's Bow,
Deku Sticks/Fire Arrows,
Captain's Hat

Enter the Skultulla House in the Great bay by blowing up the cracked wall with a bomb. Use the hookshot target above the door to enter, and burn the cobwebs with a lighted Deku Stick or Fire Arrows. Inside, shoot the colored skulls in the order told to you by the skeleton enemies after you talk to them with the Captain's Mask. It is a random order so you better write it down on a paper or memorize it.


Termina Field -
West Termina Field, near Great Bay entrance

Zora Mask,
Goron Mask/Bombs, Hero's Bow/Hookshot

On the western edge of Termina Field, blow up or smash the rock near the entrance to Great Bay, and drop down in the hole. Shoot the beehives, then dive underwater as Zora Link to get the heart piece.


Mountain Village - (Snowhead Temple Cleared), Clock Town Laundry Pool, Southern Swamp, Woodfall Temple, Great Bay Temple

Don Gero's Mask, Hero's Bow,
Ice Arrows,
Snowhead Temple Cleared

Re-unite the frogs at Mountain Village, the first frog will be waiting there after you have finished the 2nd Temple, talk to it while wearing Don Gero's Mask, do so with the other 4 frogs that are located at

The Laundry Pool at Clock Town On a log at the Southern Swamp where you head to the Deku Palace in the non-poisonous area of the water At the Woodfall Temple, defeat the Mini-Boss Gekko At the Great Bay Temple, defeat the Mini-Boss Gekko.

Afterwards go to Mountain Village (ONLY DURING SPRING) and talk with the frogs while wearing Don Gero's Mask to get this Piece Of Heart.


Mountain Village - Road to the Goron Village

Zora Mask,
Snowhead Temple Cleared

After you have beaten the Snowhead Temple (Making it spring) and gotten the Zora Mask, Head to the lake between Goron Town and Mountain Village under the lake (as Zora Link) near the slope to the right of the bridge that leads from the Mountain Village to find a chest with this Heart Piece.


Mountain Village - Road to Snowhead, before the ravine

Lens of Truth,
Scarecrow Song, Hookshot

In Snowhead pass, use the Lens of Truth to see some platforms. Hop across them, when Tatl approaches the are where the Piece of Heart is located, play the song that you taught the Scarecrow, I recommend you to kill any nearby enemy, then use the hookshot to reach the Piece of Heart.


Romani Ranch - Mamamu Yan's Doggy Race Track

Mask of Truth

Go to Romani Ranch and enter the Dog Race, use the Mask of Truth to know how well your dog is going to perform, therefore increasing your chances of winning to get this Piece of Heart. You can do with without the Mask of Truth, but the odds are severely against you. If you win 150 or more rupees in a single race Mamamu Yan will give you a Piece of Heart.


Clock Town -
The Clock Town Bank

5,000 Rupees

Throughout the game, you'll be collecting rupees and it's almost essential for you to deposit all your rupees in the bank before going back to the first day. Deposit 5,000 Rupees in the bank to get a Heart Piece.


Clock Town -
Inside the Stock Pot Inn, Anju's Grandmother's room during the first or second day

All-Night Mask

Wearing the All-Night Mask, listen to the second story at the inn, and answer "I dunno" to all the questions to get a Heart Piece.


Clock Town -
Inside the Stock Pot Inn, Anju's Grandmother's Room during the first or second day

All-Night Mask

Wearing the All-Night Mask, listen to the Anju's Grandmother's 2-hour story in the inn, and answer the questions choosing the top answer each time to get this Heart Piece.


Various - North Clock Town/Milk Road/Mountain Village (Snowhead Temple Cleared)

Keaton Mask

Wear the Keaton Mask at the bushes that run away from you (There is one in North Clock Town, Milk Road and Mountain Village during spring), a Keaton will then appear, he will ask you random questions, answer them correctly and he will reward you with a Piece of Heart, to have more chances of answering right, pay a lot of attention to the game. If you don't want to do the guesswork, you can check all the Keaton Trivia Answers in the Appendix section.


Clock Town -
Any Mailbox in Clock Town

The Postman's Hat

With the Postman's Hat equipped, simply access any mailbox around town and you will find a Piece of Heart.


Clock Town -
The Mayor's Office at East Clock Town during any day

The Couple's Mask

Travel to the Mayor's Office during any time of the day, and then wear the Couple's Mask in front of the Mayor.


Ikana Canyon -
Ikana Castle Roof, on the left side of the building

Hero's Bow,
Deku Mask

Upon arriving at the roof of Ikana Castle, you can activate the switch by shooting at it with an arrow and hurry your way to the Piece of Heart using the Deku Flowers.


Ikana Canyon -
Near Sakon's Hideout in Ikana Canyon

Zora Mask,
Ocean Title Deed

After trading the Mountain Title Deed for the Ocean Title Deed to the Business Scrub in the Zora hall, you will get the Ocean Title Deed. Go to Ikana Canyon, and near the entrance of Sakon's Hideout, you'll see a Business Scrub, give him the Ocean Title Deed while wearing the Zora Mask, afterwards use the Deku Flower to reach this Piece of Heart.


Ikana Canyon -
Ikana Canyon House (located on the middle level of the stairs)

Hero's Bow,

In one of the houses at the top of Ikana Canyon will have another challenge for you, this Ghost-like man will offer you a challenge. If you beat it you'll get a Piece of Heart, fail and you'll pay with your time. Here you will need to kill all four of the Ghosts in the Ikana Canyon Ghost Hut in less than 3 minutes, and without letting your hearts fall below 3 or less. Do so and the reward will be yours, this Piece of Heart.


Ikana Canyon -
Ikana Canyon River, Secret Shrine

Zora Mask,
16 or more Heart Containers,
Light Arrows

Once you have the Light Arrow and 16 Heart Containers or more in total (Yes they are required), you can access the secret shrine in Ikana Canyon (it's behind a waterfall). Here you will encounter a ghost-like man who will test your abilities. Here you will have to defeat several of the Mini-Bosses that you have already defeated, defeat them once more and after you are done, the ghost man will leave and a Golden Treasure Chest will appear, open it to get this Piece of Heart.


The Moon -
Odolwa's Mini-Dungeon

One Normal Mask, Deku Mask

Found in the Odolwa Child's endgame dungeon when you reach the moon. Use the yellow Deku Flowers to get to the far right platform. Here you will find this Piece of Heart.


The Moon -
Ghot's Mini-Dungeon

Two Normal Masks, Goron Mask

Located in the Ghot Child's dungeon when you reach the moon. Use the Goron Mask to roll along the path until you get to the end. You'll see a little shrine looking area with this Piece of Heart.


The Moon -
Gyorg's Mini-Dungeon

Three Normal Masks, Zora Mask

Found in the Gyorg Child's dungeon after you reach the moon. Here you will have to take a certain route to reach the Piece of Heart as there are 4 different ends. The path that you need to take is, left, left, right, left. You'll reach an area with a Gossip Stone and this Piece of Heart.


The Moon - Twinmold's Mini-Dungeon

Four Normal Masks, Hero's Bow,

Found in the Twinmold Child's dungeon when you reach the moon. Just play through the Mini-Dungeon and you will eventually reach the Piece of Heart located here.




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