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The Legend Of Zelda:
Ocarina Of Time

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C-button Items

Deku Sticks

These pieces of wood can be lit with torches, then carried around for a short while before they burn out. They are required in several of the dungeons to light torches in order to solve puzzles to proceed. A unique thing to mention about them is that using them does weapon damage +1. This means you can use one, Z-target and press A to perform a jump attack, doing 2+1 damage. Very useful for defeating bosses quickly, using the crouching stab attack afterwards...

They are commonly found in bushes, jars, shops and most notably by killing Deku Babas.

Deku Nuts

Available almost immediately, these funky little things can be thrown at the ground to briefly stun most enemies and even kill some of the weaker ones! Perhaps one of the more underused items in the game, Deku Nuts can be extremely useful against things like Fire and Ice Keese, Deku Babas, Leevers, Floor Masters and many other enemies.

They can be found in bushes, jars, shops, and most notably by killing Deku Babas.

Fairy Slingshot

Nice to have early on in the game, this ranged weapon allows you to shoot Deku Seeds at enemies or objects from afar. Perhaps most notably early on is the necessity to use it on 'eye switches,' which will allow you to solve puzzles found in dungeons.

This item is found Inside The Deku Tree, the first dungeon of the game. There are two Deku Seed Bullet Bag upgrades found in this game.


A classic item for the Zelda series, Bombs play an important role in finding secrets found throughout Hyrule. Walls that have cracks (and sound funny when slashed with your sword) are sure to reveal secrets and hidden passageways. Also, while wandering through places like Hyrule Field, you may find spots where the Stone of Agony makes your controller shake, indicating a hidden hole nearby...

Additional Bombs may be found in bushes, jars or be purchased from various shops throughout Hyrule. You first find this item by obtaining the Bomb Bag from within Dodongo's Cavern, the second dungeon of the game. There are two Bomb Bag upgrades in Ocarina of Time.


A very iconic item, Bombchus will 'blink' at a slower rate than regular bombs, but blow up in a similar way. When you pull one out, it will scurry along the ground or walls as soon as you set it down, exploding when it either runs out of time or runs into something solid (such as a tree, torch, boulder or enemy). They really serve very little purpose other than to solve a puzzle in the Spirit Temple and Ganon's Castle.

While you can "play with them" early on in the Bombchu Bowling Alley mini-game in the Hyrule Town Market (past), you can only get them by finding them in chests in dungeons, or by purchasing them from the Bombchu Shop in the back alley of the Market (past) or from the Magic Carpet Salesman in the Haunted Wastleland (future).


Another classic item from the Zelda series to make an appearance, the Boomerang will kill weaker enemies and stun some of the tougher ones. Although not considered a "powerful" item, it has a different angle of ranged attack, creating interesting puzzles and also has the unique ability to retrieve items for you. This item is required in order to get several Gold Skulltula Tokens found in the past.

This item is found Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, the third dungeon of the game.

Fairy Ocarina

The Ocarina allows you to play various mystical songs that you'll find throughout your journey. Although many or not "required" a few particular ones are. In the planning stages of Ocarina of Time, the development team had planned on implementing a musical instrument using the four C buttons and the A button, and after a little ways into the design process, it was decided to use the Ocarina for teleportation as well. It just "felt right."

This first variety of Ocarina is given to you by Saria when you leave Kokiri Forest.

Ocarina of Time

Although no different than the Fairy Ocarina, this upgraded wind instrument is required to open the Door of Time in the Temple of Time.

After completing all three of the first dungeons in the game and getting all three Spiritual Stones (Kokiri's Emerald, Goron's Ruby and Zora's Sapphire), you will recieve this item from Princess Zelda upon returning to the Hyrule Castle drawbridge.

Magic Beans

These greens will grow into magical plants if given a little TLC! Plant them in soft soil spots throughout Hyrule and they'll grow into Magic Bean Plants that you can return to as an adult and use them to get to hidden locations.

The only place in the game you can get them from is the Magic Bean Salesman near the beginning of Zora's River in the past. His price goes up as you keep buying them, but they're in limited supply and they're worth it!

Fairy Bow

A replacement for the Fairy Slingshot, you can use this bow as an adult to shoot arrows at distant enemies and, once again, shoot 'eye switches' in order to solve puzzles found in the dungeons. Although never hinted at too hard in the game, you can shoot arrows through torches to light them on fire, thus gaining the ability to light distant torches.

This item is the reward for defeating three Stalfos found within the Forest Temple, the fourth dungeon of the game.

Fire Arrow

This spell allows you to power up your arrows with Fire, giving you the ability to light distant torches, burn cobwebs and do significant harm to ice type enemies. It is required for at least one puzzle in the game, so make sure you get it!

In Lake Hylia, there is a tiny platform off in the deep water with two little pillars on it, while water fills the Lake, (Water Temple beaten,) stand on the little stone inscription next to the tree on the bigger island and shoot towards the sun at sunrise (use the Sun's Song to be quick). This will cause the Fire Arrows to appear on the little island across the way. Swim out to retrieve it. Alternatively, you can play the Scarecrow's Song to make Pierre appear, then use the Longshot to get across.

Ice Arrow

This totally optional spell powers up your arrows with Ice, giving you the ability to freeze enemies. Unfortunately, you can only get it near the end of the game and it doesn't do any other cool things. =(

This spell is a reward for completing the Gerudo Training Grounds in the Gerudo Fortress.

Light Arrow

The only weapon capable of stunning the King of Evil, this spell powers your arrows up with Light, giving you the ability to smite enemies with the powers of the goddesses.

Given to you by Princess Zelda after you have completed all five of the Temples and gathered all six of the Medallions.


Another classic item found in previous Zelda titles, the Hookshot makes an appearance, allowing you to target distant objects like torches, targets (square tiles with circles on them) and wooden logs or branches, and pull yourself to them. Able to kill weaker enemies and stun some of the medium strength ones, it can be very useful. Just watch out that you don't use it on heavier ones such as Like Likes, which will suck you into their mouth, GASP!

Found in the Kakariko Graveyard as a reward for racing Dampe as an adult.


This upgarded version of the Hookshot does the exact same thing as the previous rendition, except it now can grapple things at twice the range, opening up a lot of more complex puzzle possibilities and empowering you to acquire even more Gold Skulltula tokens.

This item is a reward for defeating Dark Link, the mini-boss of the Water Temple, the seventh dungeon of the game.

Megaton Hammer

Yet another classic item found in previous titles, the Megaton Hammer allows you to smash enemies and hit the ground. Alike previous titles, the Hammer allows you to flip enemies. Unfortunately, the only enemy that can be flipped with it is Torch Slugs, making them completely vulnerable. The Hammer is a rather slow weapon, but can be used in place of the Master Sword and Biggoron's Sword. It's main use is to smash Rusty Switches as well as Red Boulders found throughout Hyrule and in particular on Death Mountain.

This item is found in the Fire Temple, the fifth dungeon of the game.

Lens of Truth

These mystical item will slowly drain your Magic away when activated, granting you the ability to "see the truth." Mainly an issue Within The Well and in the Shadow Temple, the Lens will allow you to see through through fake walls as well as make visible things that you couldn't see before. There are a few places in the game later on where some enemies themselves are invisible and require the Lens to see and defeat effectively.

This item is the reward for defeating Dead Hand, the mini-boss found Within The Well, the eighth dungeon of the game.

Din's Fire

Probably the most used spell in the game, (outside of the Fire Arrows,) Din's Fire allows you to create a sphere of Fire that extends outwards from Link's body, burning enemies and cobwebs as well as lighting torches. It does minimal damage, but is useful against several mini-bosses or when surrounded by several enemies.

Found in the Hyrule Castle area in the past, climb the vines and head right where you'll come to a boulder. Blow it up with a Bomb and crawl through the hole to find one of the Great Fairy Fountains. Inside, stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby to make the Great Fairy appear.

Farore's Wind

This spell can only be used within dungeons that have a dungeon map. It allows you to create a warp point wherever you wish, then teleport to it later on, or move your warp point elsewhere. Useful for areas where you don't want to fall down several floors or wish to return to the main room of the dungeon, or to continually make warp points as a way to mark your path and highlight areas you wish to return to later.

Found in Zora's Fountain in the bottom-right corner of the map, there's a little island in the corner with a Silver Boulder. If you pick up the Silver Boulder (in the future) you'll find there's a crack in the wall, meaning the entire wall is bombable. This means you can Bomb it as a child or an adult, and simply head inside, play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol and the Great Fairy will give you this spell.

Naryu's Love

This spell uses a great deal of Magic power and makes you invulnerable for a short period of time. Unfortunately, you can't use any other Magical abilities while this spell is active, meaning: other spells, powering up your arrows, or a powered up Spin Attack. The other unfortunate thing about this spell is that you still get knocked over when you get hit, you simply don't take damage instead.

Found in the Desert Colossus, as soon as you enter the area from the Haunted Wasteland, head off to the right side (north part of the map) and find the two palm trees with the cracked wall between. Blow it open with a Bomb, head inside and play Zelda's Lullaby for the Triforce symbol to make the Great Fairy appear.

Empty Bottles

Bottles are a classic Zelda item that are in many of the games of the series. They allow you to carry all sorts of items, some useful, some silly. There are four bottles in total to be found in the game, and there's even a glitch to make more bottles out of useless items...

For more information, check out our bottles guide which shows how to get all four bottles as well as a list of all the items you can put in them.



Ammo/Recovery Items

Recovery Hearts

In the Zelda games since the beginning, Recovery Hearts restore a small portion of your life and are found everywhere: Within bushes, in jars, crates, chests, shops, rolling into trees, within rocks and, of course, killing enemies.

Magic Jars

The Magic Meter returns in Ocarina of Time, allowing you to cast spells to aid you in combat or to solve puzzles. Unfortunately, it does not restore on its own and must be replenished by either finding Magic Jars or drinking potions. Alike Recovery Hearts, Magic Jars can be found pretty much anywhere and specific enemies like Torch Slugs and Floormasters will drop them exclusively.

Deku Seeds

These seeds are the ammo for your Fairy Bow and are commonly found by slashes bushes and occasionally in jars. You can also purchase them from many of the shops.


Alike the Deku Seeds, Arrows are the ammo for your Fairy Bow and are commonly found by slashes bushes or jars. You can also purchase large quantities of them in the shops.



Dungeon Items

Dungeon Map

In every dungeon, there is a Map that you can use to navigate and figure out which rooms you haven't been in yet, as well as how to get there.


Also found in every dungeon, the Compass always you to see where all of the remaining chests are as well as elevators, dungeon items and even the location of the dungeon boss. Also, it shows your current location on the map and which door you just came out of, further making it easier to understand where you are and where you need to go.

Small Keys

In most of the dungeons, you can find Small Keys which are usually the rewards of solving puzzles and will each open up one locked door. (Link must be really bad at not snapping them when he turns the lock or something...)

Boss Key

In every big dungeon, there is a Boss Key which you need to find in order to unlock the boss door and complete the dungeon. You're usually only able to find them at the end of the dungeon and they require the dungeon item to find.



Quest Items & Masks Slot (Past)

Quest Items

Early on in the game, this item slot is used for items required by the main quest in order to gain access to Death Mountain Trail.


Later on, the quest slot gets replaced (and Zelda's Letter disappears) and you are able to get Masks from the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Town Market as part of an optional side-quest to getting the Mask of Truth. For more information, check out our Masks Guide.



Quest Items Slot (Future)

Biggoron Sword Trading Sequence

This items slot is used for quest items used in the Biggoron's Sword Trading Sequence which ultimately gets you an optional sword.





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