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Zeldalandia - The Legend Of Zelda



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The Legend Of Zelda:
The Minish Cap







The weapon of choice for any aspiring hero.
Use it to attack enemies and cut through grass.


Blocks (and sometimes reflects) P11 enemy attacks.
Some enemies can’t be defeated without a shield, but
it’s also just a good idea to know when to defend yourself.


Hit an enemy to daze him: he’ll stop moving for a short
period time. You can also use the boomerang to nab
Rupees and other items beyond your reach.

Bow And Arrows

A powerful weapon that enables you to pick off enemies
from afar. Watch your supply of arrows, though!


Press the item button to place a bomb on the ground.
Use the R Button to lift a bomb and throw it.

Ocarina Of Wind

Play the ocarina to call up Zeffa and be carried to any
Wind Crest you’ve found. Choose your destination
and press the A Button to confirm it.

Kinstone Bag

Store your Kinstone pieces in this handy little bag.


Store things in empty bottles so that you can use them later. You can carry up to four bottles.
Choose which bottle you want to carry from the
Items subscreen.


Dungeon Items




Dungeon Map

When you find this item, you will be able to see all
the rooms on every floor of the dungeon.
Rooms you’ve visited will be lighter than rooms
you haven’t visited yet.


When you find the Compass, you will be able to see the
location of treasure chests and
the dungeon boss on the Floor Map.

Small Key

You’ll need small keys to open locked doors in the dungeons.
They disappear as you use them.

Big Key

The door that leads to the dungeon boss’s room can only
be opened with the Big Key.




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