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Zeldalandia - The Legend Of Zelda



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The Legend Of Zelda:
The Wind Waker

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Useful Objects





While looking through this, use to look around and to zoom.
It comes with a built-in auto-focus!


Soon after beginning your quest, you'll find a boat that can
carry you across the sea...but it won't go anywhere without this important item.

wind waker

Use this wand to conduct any songs you learn.
Its powers will be essential if you hope to succeed in your quest.

grappling hook

Using this hook and rope combination, latch on to certain
objects then swing from one place to another.

tingle tuner

Connect to a Game Boy Advance and use this item to call
everyone’s favorite mapmaker—Tingle!

empty bottle

Use empty bottles to carry potions that replenish life
energy and magic power. If you find a fairy, you may be able
to capture it in your bottle.
What kind of effect might a fairy have...?


Attack Items





Use the to aim at enemies—it will highlight viable targets with a.
Aim at everything you want to hit, because this Boomerang
can home in on multiple targets!

deku leaf

Use this leaf to send gusts of air that can knock objects and
enemies around. If you jump into the air and use it, you'll float...
but it will consume magic power.


To take out a bomb, press the button your bombs are set to.
When you’re holding a bomb, press to throw it or to set it down.


Item Bags




spoils bag

You’ll keep the different spoils you get from your enemies in this bag. For instance, you can carry around the three colors of ChuChu
Jelly until you find just the right person to give them to...

bait bag

This pouch holds your bait. Try using bait around all of the
different creatures in the world.

delivery bag

This bag holds things that people give to you.
If you put things people ask you to deliver into one of the many postboxes located around the islands, they'll surely be delivered.


Dungeon Items




dungeon map

This map shows all rooms, including ones you haven’t entered.


The Compass will reveal the locations of treasure chests and
the boss’s lair.

big key

This key opens the door to the boss’s lair.




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